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Littlest Dino

Posted 10/25/2016

This young explorer isn't sure yet if he wants to be a paleontologist -- or a dino! Luckily, in our new exhibition Dinos to Dodos, he doesn't have to choose.  Check out the exhibit, open daily in... Learn More


Posted 10/14/2016

Thanks to @wyldecalamity for tagging us in this photo on Instagram! We love seeing girls try their hand at new things -- especially when it involves science. This budding young veterinarian is learning the ropes early in our Vet Hospital,... Learn More

Grandparent Photo Op!

Posted 6/10/2016

We love when our guests send us pictures of them having fun at the Museum! A speical "thank you" to Patricia for sending us this picture of her family as they set sail on the high seas in Kids... Learn More

Spruce, Cypress, Willow & Sequoia

Posted 5/31/2016

Dayton and Danie's Falcon chicks finally have a name! Thank you to everyone who voted! To view the chicks, visit out Falcon Cam.

Happy World Turtle Day!

Posted 5/23/2016

It's World Turtle Day so we spent some extra time learning about turtles today. Here are some cool turtle facts: Turtles have been on the Earth from more than 200 million years. They evolved before mammals, birds, crocodiles, snakes, and... Learn More

Star Wars Day

Posted 5/4/2016

May The 4th Be With You! We celebrated Star Wars Day with a day of themed public programming! Here are some of our favorite pictures:


Posted 4/13/2016

On special occasions our favorite sloth, Patience, comes out to help our Keepers teach our guests and campers about biology, conservation, and much more. One of our staff snapped this picture of Patience, who was clearly really excited to meet... Learn More

Museum Week Tuesday

Posted 3/29/2016

We’re finishing out Women’s History Month by celebrating two very special women today during Museum Week! Both Virginia Kettering and Virginia Gerald were (and are) incredibly important to our Museum’s Collection. In fact, you... Learn More

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