Workshops & Field Trips for Students

Our Education Department understands the needs of teachers in our area. Whether for public, private or homeschool educators, programs are designed to provide a high-quality learning experience for students while maintaining the fun, hands-on atmosphere that makes the field trip experience so rewarding. All programs are aligned to Academic Content Standards, and most include preliminary and post-visit activities.

All visiting groups can book either a Self-Guide Tour/Field Trip, or program-based visit that includes private workshops or a planetarium show. All available programs are listed by age and topic in our printable 2022-2023 STEM Guide. Be sure to visit our Field Trip page for complete guidelines, pricing, and policies for visiting groups, or to learn more about the Self-Guide option.

Schedule a Workshop

Review descriptions for workshops here, listed by age/grade, then book your program online or by phone.

SUBMIT A FIELD TRIP REQUEST FORM to begin booking your field trip and workshop!

E-mail or contact the Boonshoft Museum Education Department 937–275–7431, ext. 125 to speak directly to our friendly staff.

Visit our Field Trip page to review current pricing and group visit policies.

Want more options, like group rates or in-classroom experience? Explore other programs and classes.


Click Below for Printable STEM Guide for 2022 | 2023


Looking for online resources to learn about the sciences? Be sure to visit ThinkTV's STEM World!

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