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Apollo Redux

Opens June 22, 2019

In Houston, Texas, there is a tall, windowless building where special teams work day and night 365 days a year. Nothing on Earth keeps them from their jobs because men, women and equipment in space depend on them.
As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of humankind’s first steps on the Moon, remember and celebrate the heroes of space exploration who remain on the ground—the men and women of NASA’s Mission Control. Without their efforts, no launch and no landing—whether of Man on the Moon or Rovers on Mars—is possible.
Apollo Redux: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing takes you back in time to the Mission Control of the Apollo-era missions to the Moon with equal consideration of Space exploration today and in the future.

Apollo Redux provides a visitor experience unlike anything else:
• Sit at a console—an actual artifact from a control room at Johnson Space Center—where Mission Control team members sat and engage with interactive monitors that take you into the mission.
• Learn, in either English or Spanish, why each team member’s role is critical to the success of the mission and how those roles have evolved.
• Understand what it will take to launch your own career in Mission Control.
• Dive deeper into the exhibit with a touchscreen interactive where the Mission Operations Control Room comes to life and you hear the personal accounts of the men and women who have been there.

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