Zoo Enrichment Day

Discovery Zoo

Join our experienced staff for one of nearly a dozen mini-talks at animal enclosures in the Discovery Zoo throughout the day to learn more about how we keep our animal residents happy, healthy, and safe!

Did you know that in the wild, most animals spend at least 80% of their time looking for food? Plus, they have to watch out for predators, try to find a mate, and try not to become food themselves! Animals in zoos, on the other hand, have it pretty easy. Their food is delivered to them, and there are no dangers - such as predators, droughts, or lack of food - to worry about. They also get regular medical care! Since animals in zoos have more free time than animals in the wild, we try to keep our animals busy in other ways.

So what is enrichment, anyway? Enrichment is anything extra zookeepers do to keep animals happy and busy. By providing new smells, toys, logs, rocks, food in puzzles, and hiding their food, the experienced zookeepers at the Boonshoft Museum work each day to enrich the animals in the Discovery Zoo.

Join us for a day full of animal enrichment demonstrations and fun activities for the kids, and learn more about how we keep our zoo residents active. You might even learn a few tricks to help enrich your pets at home!

10:00   Meerkat enrichment
10:30   Otter enrichment
11:00   Keeper Talk/Meet an Animal
11:45   Fox enrichment
12:15   Otter training
1:00     Agouti enrichment
1:30     Sloth enrichment
2:00     Skunk enrichment
2:30     Aviary enrichment
3:00     Keeper Talk (@Conservation Corner)
3:30     Kinkajou enrichment
4:00     Otter Talk
*subject to change

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