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The Boonshoft Museum understands the needs of teachers in our area. Whether you are a public, private, or homeschool educator, the Museum’s programs are designed to provide a high-quality learning experience for students while maintaining the fun, hands-on atmosphere that makes out-of-the-classroom learning so enjoyable. All programs are aligned to Academic Content Standards and most include preliminary and post-visit activities.

Schedule a Basic Field Trip/Group Visit

Review field trip pricing and policies below, then book your program online or by phone!

SUBMIT an inquiry form to begin scheduling your visit.
E-mail or contact the Boonshoft Museum Education Department 937–275–7431, ext. 125 to speak directly to our friendly staff.

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Interested in scheduling trips to one of our sister sites? Contact Fort Ancient at 513-932-4421, and SunWatch at 937–268–8199.

Field Trip Fees & Policies

*Please note that the individual scheduling your visit will receive a packet, unless otherwise specified, confirming your reservation approximately one month prior to your visit. Please call immediately if you are unable to keep your scheduled reservation.
Note that there is no refund for cancellations made less than 14 days prior to scheduled visit. A $75 cancellation fee will be charged for any group that does not arrive on their scheduled visit day.


Field Trips (includes Science On a Sphere and public Dome shows, excluding 3D movies): $9/person; 2 adults free and required for every 10 children. Minimum: 10 students.

Workshop (includes the Field Trip experience): $105/8-10 students; $230 up to 22 students; $290 up to 28 students (2 adults free and required for every 10 children; extra adults $9 each).

  • Field trips must be scheduled at least two (2) weeks prior to your actual visit.
  • Two adults at least 18 years of age are required for every 10 students and are admitted free. Other adult visitors are charged at the group admission rate.
  • Adults are expected to accompany and supervise the students at all times while at the Museum.
  • You MUST bring cash, check, purchase order, or MasterCard/Visa with you on the day of your visit. Coupons and other discounts are not valid for educational programs.
  • All groups must arrive on time.  If you arrive later than your scheduled time, your program may be shortened or canceled to meet Museum schedules.
  • A $75 cancellation fee will be charged for groups who do not attend on their scheduled day.

Learn more about the available workshops for your class here.

Self-Guided Tours

A Self-Guided Tour option is available for groups that wish to explore the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery independently Monday – Friday during regular operating hours. Two adults must accompany every 10 students to ensure a quality visit for all patrons of the Museum. Minimum: 10 students.

Book a Group Tour: To schedule a group tour, please call 937.275.7431 x 125.

Fee: $9.00/student, 2 adults free for every 10 students; additional adults are $9.00 each. Please note that two (2) adults MUST ACCOMPANY every ten (10) students to ensure a quality visit for all patrons. 

Students/adults who are Society members will be admitted for free. A photocopy of their family’s membership card is required.

Lunch Facilities

Groups may bring packed lunches to the Museum and reserve our eating facilities at no additional charge.

Lunch times MUST BE SCHEDULED prior to your visit. Space is very limited! Lunches are 30 minutes in length unless otherwise indicated; groups will not be permitted to eat lunch at the facility unless arrangements are made in advance, and groups are required to clean their lunch area before leaving. Cleaning supplies are provided by the Museum. All groups are subject to a $25 custodial fee for incomplete cleanup. See confirmation letter for details.


All groups are encouraged to take advantage of our PreShopping Souvenirs Program. This is an easy, convenient way for students to make purchases from the Discoveries Shop without spending additional time shopping. See confirmation letter for details. Groups with 30 students or less are welcome to shop on-site if the group has pre-scheduled a shopping experience at least one week in advance. Ten students accompanied by two adults are permitted in the store at one time. Each group of ten students requires an addition of 10 minutes to your other scheduled activities. Please remind all shoppers that tax is charged at the register.

2017 Homeschool Programming

Join our experienced education staff on the first Thursday each month (January-May; September-December) for a full day of Museum access and specially-themed public programs! 

Admission: $9/person (students & adults); free for members

- NEW for 2017 -
All homeschool families must enter through the Education Lobby to receive the group rate; advance registration is not required. Students will receive full access to the Museum for the day, and can choose to arrive at any time. Themed programs will be scheduled throughout the day, and information about that day's programs will be available upon arrival. Please note that all programs will be available to general Museum visitors, and space is not guaranteed.

2017 Program Themes

January 5: Meet the Animals
Get up-close and personal with live animals. Observe, explore, and compare the characteristics and behaviors of these animals and learn more about their natural environment. And of course, no animal program would be complete without a trip to the Discovery Zoo.

February 2: Storm Center SOS!
Join the Boonshoft team to study weather patterns and to examine the sun and discover its relationship to energy and weather. This program will feature the exhibit, Science on a Sphere®.

March 2: Life on the Nanoscale
Find out how things so small can be such a big deal. Students will discover through fun hands-on experiments and exciting demonstration how matter behaves at the smallest of scales.

April 6: Exoplanets: Searching for Another Earth
Students will discover the rich new worlds of exoplanets, methods and instruments used in the detection if exoplanets and the quest for Earth-like planets in a star's habitable zone, Utilizing spectacular planetarium graphics, the electromagnetic spectrum and the museum's NASA funded Exoplanets Exploration exhibition, students will investigate the fascinating field of exoplanets.

May 4: Star Wars
“May the 4th be with you.” Is your young freedom fighter ready to join the Resistance? It all starts with an understanding of the galaxy around them! Learn about starships, strategies, and droids. But beware! The New Order has designs upon galactic domination.

September 7: Pond Study
Discuss life in this unique habitat before venturing off to Coovert’s Pond. Uncover live animals and plants to explore how they adapt to live in a pond. Learn the life cycle and specific needs of several species. Weather permitting.

October 5: Fiction & Fantasy
Fiction & Fantasy is all about thrilling stories from faraway places. Take a fantastic voyage to mystic lands where tales of bravery and exploration abound. In Fiction & Fantasy students will discover the science behind time travel, space flight and so much more.

November 2: Earth's Changing Surface
How does the Earth's surface change? Take a closer look at how weathering, erosion and natural disasters continuously shape our planet.

December 7: Holiday Escape!
Science demonstrations and activities inspired by the Holiday season.

*NOTE: Looking for other dates, times, and specific programs for homeschool families? Consider booking a field trip just for you! Group minimum is only ten (10) students, with 2 adults admitted free. See above for complete details and guidelines.

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