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* Dayton Regional Science Festival Co-Chairs

Ignite Innovation

Ignite Innovation

Ignite Innovation

Get your Brain in the Game!

Friday, November 15 - Sunday, November 24 

The 2013 Dayton Regional Science Festival: Ignite Innovation is community-wide celebration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The two-week festival will offer ways for people of all ages and interests to begin to experience the amazing opportunities that exist to spark STEM creativity.

See what exciting Ignite Innovation events are happening near you!


Ignite for the Educators, Students, & Life Long Learners

Whether it's a teacher in a small school taking advantage of a STEM-related teachable moment, or a wide-eyed student testing a hypothesis for the first time, STEM education is paramount to the future of our region, nation, and the world. Teachers and Administrators will be the springboard that propels children into a world of STEM, where students can then take these concepts and run with them, creating the perfect recipe for progressive ideas, development and innovation. It is integral that teachers get excited about STEM and pass the necessary tools to students, unlocking monumental ideas in the minds of future generations.

From inspirational Ted Talks and exclusive behind-the-scenes field trips, to special events at the Dayton Art Institute, enjoy a variety of actives for students, teachers, and administrators to that will cultivate curious minds and spark a rejuvenated love for science. 


Ignite for Families & Children

While we move more and more into a STEM-focused environment, where 80% of jobs in the next decade will require technological skills and a projected 1.2 million jobs will be in a STEM-related field (by 2018), families should take note of STEM learning opportunities. Every child has a dream and every parent wants them to recognize it, whether it is finding a way to cure the incurable, creating a greener future, or inventing the "next big thing". Engrossing your family in science, technology, engineering, and math will spark a STEM excitement and curiosity that children will carry with them into the future. With plenty of family-friendly, fun activities, Ignite Innovation can lead to a year-round STEM adventure outside the classroom.


Ignite For Adults

The greater-Dayton area is a hub for STEM-centric business and innovation. Whether you are a leader in industry, a corporation champion, or a STEM supporter, each and every adult plays an important part in growing the local science and technology industry. Investing time and resources into STEM can be the catalyst that continues to promote economic growth locally and inspires generations of innovators to come.


Ignite Everyday

icon test-tubeDon't miss a minute of awesome STEM engagement! Visit organizations that have continuous programming throughout the two weeks of Ignite Innovation. Many organizations across Dayton have regular day-to-day STEM infused programming for all ages and interests from aspiring archaeologists and book worms, to young scientists and explorers.




Join a Committee

The Dayton Regional Science Festival is a collaborative community-wide effort, managed by an auxiliary committee of the Dayton Society of Natural History. To join a committee, contact Diane Farrell, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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