Distance Learning

Learn from Museum educators without ever leaving your classroom! Distance learning allows students and teachers to "visit" the Museum and take part in hands-on learning in a variety of subjects.

Experience learning in a virtual classroom where boundaries are a thing of the past!  Through Distance Learning, students and teachers can connect with experienced Museum educators without ever leaving the classroom.  Through rare video footage, private Museum Collection artifacts, and other resources, each learning session is developed using national science standards as a framework for fun interaction. Please call 937.275.7431 x 116 or email education@boonshoftmuseum.org to inquire about booking a Distance Learning session.

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The Virtual Field Trip

Bring the quality and diversity of Boonshoft programs to your students without ever leaving the classroom. Each class in this CILC Pinnacle Award-winning program is aligned with National and Ohio Academic Content Standards, and with pre and post activities and materials shipped to your school, these programs are a great value. Our science programs are a perfect way to integrate STEM curriculum into the classroom. Program Time: 40-60 Minutes.

Programs by Subject


Historic Native Cultures of North America (grades 4 - 12)
Native peoples living in different parts of North America developed many different ways of living. A Museum anthropologist will display material goods of these native peoples to compare the everyday lives of Inuit, people of the Northwest Coast, Southwest Coast, Eastern Coast, Plains, and Eastern Woodlands around the year 1890. Fee: $150

Earth Sciences

Rocks and Minerals (grades 2-6) 
Become a Mineral detective by using concepts of color, hardness, streak, etc. We will ship kits of five different mystery minerals to your classroom and your students will use their powers of observation to figure out their names. Students will learn why rocks and minerals are important by learning about their features and uses.
Fee: $175 (includes materials & shipping)

Environmental Science: Oil Spill Recovery (grades 4-12, Parents, Library Patrons)
Students will become environmental scientists as they try the actual techniques used in the cleanup of ocean oil spills. Students will use booms, skimmers, and sorbents to try and recover their mini oceans from the ecological brink. Fee: $150

Life Sciences

Animal Homes (grades 1-3) 
In this program, students will discover the different kinds of habitats that animals live in throughout the planet. During the program, residents of our Discovery Zoo will be introduced, and students will explore the natural habitats of these creatures. Fee: $150

Science and Technology

Nanoscale Science (Grades 7-12, Adult Learners, Library Patrons)
One of the most exciting new realms of science is super small. Nanoscale science is the study of stuff that is on the scale of 1 billionth of a meter. This is the scale of atoms and small molecules. It is on this scale that scientists are coming up with ways to solve important problems in healthcare, food, materials science, computing, and more.  Fee: $150

Physical Sciences

The Matter Box (grades 1-6)
Matter, matter, everywhere! Students' minds will be captivated as they explore different states of matter, and they ways these states can change. We will ship kits that include hands-on demonstrations, and classes will experience demos conducted by a museum instructor.
Fee: $175 (includes materials & shipping)

The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery's Distance Learning Program received the Pinnacle Award (2017-2018) from the Center for Interactive Learning. The Pinnacle Award is given annually, by the CILC, to organizations that receive outstanding scores on program evaluations submitted by educators and other end users. Receiving the award indicates remarkable quality of educational content and exceptional skill at program delivery.

Looking for online resources to learn about the sciences? Be sure to visit ThinkTV's STEM World!

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