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The Dayton Society of Natural History is home to a Collection of 1.8 million objects that our curatorial staff works to make accessible to our guests -- and now to yours! Bring curated pieces from the Society to your school, library, museum, or other center of learning, complete with interpretive signage.

Options range from a complete exhibition to key individual artifacts and specimens that make learning memorable for your learners of all ages. Come face-to-face with a Hadrosaur, examine fossil specimens, and encounter an entire family of dinosaurs with one of these options:

Dynamic Dinosaurs

This exciting traveling exhibition showcases the world of modern paleontology, introducing a dynamic vision of dinosaurs and what scientists have learned about them. New discoveries and technologies reveal how dinosaurs lived, moved and behaved. Examine realistic models and casts, and see original dinosaur fossils from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous period, as far back as 230 million years ago.

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About the Exhibition

This complete exhibition features an assortment of twelve (12) dinosaur fossils and replicas, including a hadrosaur skull and mummified skin, diplodocus humerus/femur, gastroliths, replica archaeopteryx fossil, and a replica T-Rex tooth.

Educational signage (optional) may be included with the exhibition, answering your guests’ questions about these fascinating creatures:

  • What is a dinosaur? Why were dinosaurs so successful for millions of years?
  • Explore the geological periods in which dinosaurs lived:  Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous
  • Panels on each specimen featured in the exhibition

Add-On Programs:
For an additional program fee, two (2) programs guided by our experienced curatorial staff can be offered on the day of installation and deinstallation.

Exhibition Footprint

The exhibition requires a minimum footprint of 300 sq. ft.

Hadrosaur case, with panels: 88 sq ft
Hadrosaur case, without panels: 40 sq ft
Hadrosaur case height: 77”
Panels (2): 3’ x 2’

Dinosaur fossil case (4’x4’): 16 sq ft
Dinosaur fossil case height: 56”
Case label copy with objects included.

Archaeopteryx case (2’x2’): 4 sq ft
Archaeopteryx case height: 50”
Case label copy with objects included.

Coelophysis enclosure (13’ x 11’): 143 sq. ft.
Stanchions / Barrier included.
Panels (2): 3’ x 2’

Rental Fee

$15,000 for 3 months or $21,000 for 6 months plus delivery fee, based on venue location. Installation assistance from curatorial staff and one (1) exhibit tech is required, and may involve additional fees. Minimum installation: 12 weeks.

Host venue is required to provide:

  • Installation crew
  • Exhibition lighting, and other selected exhibition design elements
  • Venue selected promotional materials
  • Security for the objects, including a daily walk-through of the space.
  • Climate-controlled space.

Ready to book, or have more questions? Email Collections@BoonshoftMuseum.org or call 937.275.7431, ext. 114.

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